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Twilight - Biss in die Ewigkeit
Risks, Love & Decisions
Die Sturmhöhe
Vita brevis Ars longa
La Curi
Sweeter and hotter than hell
The last light of love
The Ugly True
The Twilight Saga
Love never ends
Endless Lovestory
magic twillight
Forever Twilight Vampire
Another Twilightsaga
Seduction of time
L'amore per tutta l'eternita
Twilight The love is never ending

Vampire Diaries
The show must go on
Eternal Temptation
After the awakening
Love obsession
Future Mystic Falls
Love's a weakness
Shadow of the night
The banned diaries
Bloody Rose
Mysterious Shadows
The curse of Mystic Falls
Hide and seek
Vampire Temptation
Painful Memories
Souls of the darkness
In time of dying
Heart of passion
Mysterious shadows
It's Mystic Falls
The Curse of Mystic Falls
Original Diaries Reloaded
Bleeding Heart

Star Life
star dreams
Hollywood RPG
Star secrets
Star Temptation
Your crazy life
Your star, your life
The future of our stars
You took my heart
Your dream begins
Just live your life
Celebrity world
Shine Bright

Highschool/School/College/Academy Life
Evelyn Blake University
Village history
Young University
Die Legende von Avalon
Internat of New York
The dream begins
University of Oxford
California Dream
College of Newcastel
The legend diary
The dream of dancing
Battle Abbey
Take your chance

Andere Serien/Bücher/Filmplays
highway to hell
Phönix der Hoffnung
The real True Blood
Cross over Kansas
Drag me to hell
Passionate Love
Die Legende von Darkness Falls
Love system the last chance
Three Angels
Magic diary realplay
Butterbier - Harry Potter RPG
Sailing Ship
Nightmare on Elmstreet
Superhill between heaven and hell
synthetic blood
The endless fight
Mystic Hill RPG

Mystic Ville
Storm of pearl
The Legend of chrystal lake
Drag me to hell Cambridge
Infected World
London City
The war over the curse begins
Gangs of New York
The life in Paris
Boardwalk Empire
The secrets of Cambridge
Your way, your life, your future
Royal world and the civil
Save the last one
Little treehouse
Ordinary things
Life of different lies
New York City
Upper East Side
Nortre vie a Paris
Village of the damned
COI - City of immortals
The dream begins
Castle of Camelot
Love Life Passion
The true life
Life in New York
Next to you
Daily life

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